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How many annual maintenance checks do I have to carry out on my automatic door?

Cuantas revisiones mantenimiento puerta automatica

Automatic doors are one of the best solutions for entering and exiting buildings comfortably and quickly. They are elements that eliminate architectural barriers, allow a smooth flow of people and goods, positively increase the energy efficiency of the building by reducing electricity costs and ensure high levels of hygiene because people do not have to touch the door to enter or leave.

It is important that automatic doors are subjected to periodical maintenance to guarantee a safe door that complies with the regulations throughout its entire life cycle. That is why Manusa carries out maintenance operations on all types of automatic doors, and they are certified and developed in accordance with the UNE 85121 standard for installation, use and maintenance of automatic pedestrian doors. What do these checks achieve?

  • Verification and adjustment of all intelligent entrance components
  • Prevention of future problems by detecting and correcting issues
  • Improvement of the security system to ensure the protection of persons and property
  • Extension of the service life of your automatic door
  • Guarantee that your equipment complies with current UNE 85121 safety regulations

Maintenance of automatic doors of any make and model

The Manusa technical team is specialised in the verification and adjustment of all components of automatic doors. It carries out a customised preventive maintenance, agreeing with each customer the type of maintenance contract and type of assistance they need. Regulations indicate that it is advisable to carry out at least one annual preventive revision.

Our professionals at Manusa not only repair and install original spare parts and replacements for Manusa doors, but also for intelligent entrances made buy any brand on the market. Do you need to repair or carry out a proper and correct maintenance of your business’ automatic doors? Contact Manusa now and we will inform you about our services so that your intelligent accesses are not damaged due to lack of attention or care. Our wide global coverage allows for a fast, safe and efficient maintenance service.