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New RC2 anti-theft automatic door: maximum security and protection

La The RC2 anti-theft automatic sliding door is a solution that provides a secure door against burglary and intrusion, but without sacrificing the aesthetics and comfort of a standard automatic door.

This security door has been tested in accordance with the UNE-EN 1627:2021 standard with burglary resistance class RC2.

This type of burglary refers to an attempt to force the door using basic or advanced tools, but thanks to the internal security elements, these efforts are unsuccessful, and the door is not damaged in any way.

puerta automatica antirrobo rc2

Features of the RC2 burglar-resistant door

The RC2 burglar-resistant door has a series of internal security elements that ensure strong protection against intruders and burglary attempts..

  • Multipoint motorized lock developed using Manusa technology.
  • Reinforced upper and lower door leaf guides with anti-leverage reinforcements which prevent the door leaf from being pulled out.
  • Reinforced side locking edges prevent the door leaves from being tampered with.
  • Steel cylinder with security shield: increases protection and helps to protect the lock, preventing access to the internal mechanism.
  • P4A high security laminated glass which, in the event of an attempted burglary, shatters but does not break.

Security, aesthetics and comfort

The RC2 automatic door not only protects businesses, but also people. Customers and employees are protected against any intrusion or incident as the door can be locked and unlocked automatically or manually, both from the inside and from the outside.

Unlike other security systems, the RC2 door is distinguished by its barrier-free design. This allows businesses to maintain the transparency of their shop windows, avoiding the installation of security elements such as roller shutters or bollards.

One of the additional features of the RC2 door is that it can be connected to the Manusa Doorwifi app. This allows the user to control the status of the door remotely from mobile devices, in order to provide efficient and secure management, verify warnings and alerts of the door status, schedule access times, and manage the permissions for different user profiles.