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The Safety of the Speed Gate with Swing Panels

pasillos batientes unidireccionales manusa

On many occasions, when we arrive to an airport, maritime terminal, train station or other type of building in the travel sector, we often find ourselves in a speed gate with swing panels that provides access to another area. These are designed to allow a quick, safe and automatic control, without the need for staff, and without causing problems in the building where they are installed.

Manusa speed gate with swing panels are the safest solution for controlling access to areas with limited or restricted access, or where strict control measures are required.

It is an ideal product for access control points in areas where there is a large transit of people, such as airports and maritime ports. It is, without doubt, an intelligent solution that improves the effectiveness and experience of passengers in the entrance and exit of, for example, boarding or customs areas.

Security Against Intrusion and Safety in Emergencies

Thanks to their design, they can easily link access control with databases, allowing access by card or biometric systems such as facial recognition, depending on their specifications and on the needs of the customer. Their advanced technology allows users to be registered, and to give personalised permissions depending on the frequency or the type of access required.

The transit of people is controlled by a combination of sensors in the corridor, obstacles and light information; all these ensure that only one passenger at a time enters when the access system operates.

pasillos batientes unidireccionales seguridad

In addition, they also feature luggage detection in the transit area and intrusion detection in the opposite direction, that prevents the tempered glass panels from opening and activates a fire alarm at the entrance in the event of an emergency.

It must also be highlighted the fact that Manusa speed gate with swing panels are designed using the highest quality materials, such as stainless steel, polycarbonate and glass, and always with the best technology.

Their aesthetics provide a modern, state-of-the-art design touch wherever they are installed. Ports and airports passengers experience an improvement in transit before or after travelling by plane or boat.