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The importance of hygiene in healthcare facilities against colds and flus

higiene centros sanitarios puertas automaticas

Healthcare facilities are places where hygiene must be paramount. Hospitals, clinics and other buildings dedicated to improving people's health take this aspect very much into account and the cleaning teams work to do their utmost to ensure that there are no incidents resulting from a lack of hygiene.

While it is true that the entire healthcare building must be clean, rooms such as operating theatres or those used to house intensive care and observation units must be extremely clean. Viruses or bacteria can worsen a person's state of health if there is a case of poor hygiene in any of the rooms where the patient is located.

One of the elements that reinforce hygiene in healthcare facilities is the hermetic sliding door. Thanks to the hermetic sealing of its perimeter once the door is closed, it prevents the flow of viruses, bacteria or any harmful element. Manusa has a complete catalogue of automatic doors and intelligent accesses for the sanitary sector.

Manusa offers 360º solutions for all the areas of a hospital complex that prevent the propagation of viruses such as flu or COVID, which cause discomfort and colds. The automatic doors are beneficial both for the workers and for the patients, being totally customisable according to the requested requirements. Moreover, thanks to the incorporation of IoT technology, any Manusa access can be remotely controlled by means of: profile management, access permissions, staff time control, etc.

Improving the hygiene of hospital rooms and facilities is an added value that all members of society appreciate. If you manage or run a clinic or a health centre and you want to install automatic doors, contact us now and the Manusa team will advise you and inform you about all the intelligent accesses for hospitals.