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Three of the best automatic doors for hotels

top 3 automatic restaurant doors

The main objective of any hotel is that its guests have the best possible experience during their stay. For this reason, these types of establishments must take into account not only aspects linked to the service they offer, but also those related to their facilities.

Perhaps it goes unnoticed and is often overlooked, but the presence of automatic doors is excellent added value for any hotel. They improve accessibility and energy efficiency, eliminate architectural barriers and give a touch of elegance to the establishments that have them.

Customized automatic doors for hotels

In Manusa we have a wide range of automatic doors for hotels that adapt to the needs of each building in a personalized way without neglecting technology, design or quality. Which are the top three automatic doors for hotels?

1. Automatic sliding doors

These are the perfect choice for environments with high levels of foot traffic. Whether in their standard, telescopic or curved version, they offer a functional, high-quality solution that can be integrated perfectly into the hotel's architectural environment. As well as facilitating contact-free passage, these doors stand out for their fast opening speed and high-level security systems, including obstacle detection with automatic reopening mechanims.

2. Automatic swing doors

This type of automatic door is a good solution for dividing interior areas, since they provide functionality, security and an impeccable design that results in doors that can be integrated perfectly into any environment. They can also be used as a complement to a revolving door in the lobby of a hotel and enable improved use of space while facilitating the smooth transit of people. Manusa even offers the possibility of automating existing manual swing doors.

3. Automatic revolving doors

For hotels with large foyers, this door model is the best choice. Like the other models, it is designed to improve indoor climate control. Manusa automatic revolving doors guarantee perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as maximum energy efficiency. They include an integral anti-panic system for the safety of guests and hotel employees.

Doors that comply with product and usage standards

Our automatic doors are always meet the current safety regulations. Each component and manufacturing process conforms to the highest standards to ensure the protection and wellbeing of those who interact with our doors. We ensure that each stage complies with the established legal and technical requirements. In addition, our team of experts keeps abreast of the latest regulations and safety developments in order to proactively incorporate them into our products. As a result, our automatic doors provide a safe environment in hotels and in any sector or environment where they are used.

Choosing a door model for a hotel is not an easy task. Therefore, if you run or manage a hotel, hostel or motel and want to improve the guest experience by incorporating Manusa automatic doors, contact us now and we will tell you which is the best solution for your hotel establishment.