Each project is unique


We work to ensure that our products integrate perfectly into the places where they are located and add value. Our capacity for customisation and complete adaptation is precisely our distinguishing feature.

Complete Integration into the Surroundings

We design high-quality customisable solutions, capable of achieving a distinguishing experience in any

situation. Whether by dimensions, materials, finishes, colours... Each project is unique and, therefore, we apply great attention to detail. Our aim is that our systems perfectly integrate into the surrounding where they are located, and adapt to the requirements of each architect and/or builder.


Leading Technology

Thanks to our R+D+i team and its extensive knowledge in fields such as mechatronics, sensors, artificial vision or IoT technology, we can provide a fully-customised service in the different aspects within any project that requires our automatic doors.

Convenience and Accessibility

Every project has its own peculiarities, such as the number of people using the access systems, climate issues, architectural barriers, regulatory barriers... Therefore, our solutions must adapt to each case and be as functional as possible, making life easier for the people using them whilst taking into account all essential aspects.

Some of our customised projects

Other projects

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