Arcachon, France

Arcachon City Hall


The Public authorities and official government institutions are based in buildings through which employees and different kinds of people come and go every day. These are normally old properties that are not frequently renewed either inside or out, normally because the law prevents historic buildings from being modified. This does not often happen with new constructions, as they are adapted to the 21st century.

In both cases, citizens must be provided with easy access. Automatic doors help with this, and this is the first thing visitors will find whenever they have any red tape to deal with.

One of Manusa’s hallmark projects is at Arcachon City Hall in France. It is here that, thanks to the help of our distributor AXED, curved automatic bi-parting sliding doors have been installed.

manusa edificio historico francia puertas automaticas

This important tourist city in south-western France has an imposing city hall that was built under the orders of architect Julien Dmokowsky in 1858. It has undergone various transformations over the years, such as the inclusion of the four pillars on its façade in 1902.

Automatic doors in a historic building

Installing this intelligent access in a 19th century building is a challenge that Manusa successfully overcame, making the entrance extremely elegant without clashing with the building’s classic façade. This type of automatic door combines functionality, comfort and efficiency.

It helps ensure people do not have to use their hands to enter the city hall, especially at present when hygiene is essential because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. When a person approaches, the movement or presence sensor activates the doors without having to push the glass or hold onto a handle.

puertas automaticas correderas curvas manusa automatic doors

Furthermore, something that the public authorities always bear in mind is sustainability. These intelligent accesses are energy efficient and prevent a door from being left open, causing sudden temperature changes or draughts in the building.

curved automatic sliding doors manusa france axed porte automatique

Security in this type of place is also vital, which is why this type of curved automatic sliding door can be equipped with accessories such as photocells, automatic locks, and remote controls to open and close them.

mairie arcachon francia france ayuntamiento fachada edificio