Which Are the Best Smart Accesses for Airports?

In the transport sector, some of the spaces that have the greatest volume of people are usually airports. Especially if we’re referring to those in large cities that serve as a stopover for international flights.

The presence of large crowds of people should flow well enough to avoid mobility problems with passengers. The large access points at the building’s entrances and exits, and between different lounges, allow the constant flow of people throughout the location.

Types of Automatic Doors at Airports

Automatic doors are an excellent solution for these types of areas. They are characterised by their functionality and security in all terminal areas. What type of smart accesses are best for airports?

  • Airport Complex Entrances: These types of doors are designed for areas where there is an intense circulation of people, or where security is linked to the flow of traffic. There is a wide range of openings available for entrances and exits with a high flow of people: bi-parting opening, side opening, telescopic, curved or revolving automatic doors.

  • Doors for sectioning off areas: Manusa has a wide variety of automatic doors adaptable to any requirement. For example: the standard sliding or swing doors; the panic-breakout doors that allow the leaves to be folded back to maximise the transit space in an emergency; and the fire-resistant doors, that help section off and isolate areas that have a high risk hazard.

  • Access control systems: different systems that allow access control to restricted areas, or to areas with limited access. They are fully customisable, with the possibility of integrating different elements such as a passport reader, fingerprint reader, ID card reader, facial recognition equipment and screens with an interface for user communication.

  • One-way corridors: Security device that allows the flow of people to move in one direction only. It features two doors in an interlocking system, which open automatically with the flow direction; they can also be fully connected with other existing management and control systems.

The variety of smart access systems makes Manusa the leader in design, manufacture and installation of automatic doors in airports throughout the entire world.
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