Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Access control systems for bathrooms


This is an innovative opening system for controlling the entry to and exit from bathrooms using a validation or push button system.

There are four possible opening systems adaptable to each client’s needs:

    • Single-door control 

    • Two-door control 

    • One-door control with a single inside button 

    • One-door control with a single outside button

This access system is designed to adapt to bathrooms that are accessed by a single door, shared bathrooms with two access doors, or an airlock system door. This solution is applicable for any type of automatic door, be it swing or sliding. 

It is composed of an online operator and Manusa’s own smart system consisting of a control box and an interface with buttons for opening, closing and locking. The buttons can also light up to show the status of the door and the bathroom (occupied and vacant). 

This system may be installed in places where it is necessary to have an advanced and electromechanical control of bathroom access, such as hospitals, nursing homes, day-care centres, etc. and where there might be users with reduced mobility.

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