Liverpool, United Kingdom

Alder Hey Children's Hospital


Automatic doors are increasingly used in all types of architectural projects including those in the health sector and, in particular, hospital complexes. Many health centres are renovating their doorways with the need to provide both isolation and access in the right conditions.

Manusa has undertaken a project in a British children's hospital thanks to our exclusive partner in the United Kingdom, Axis Entrance Systems Ltd. Eleven hermetic sliding doors with lateral opening were installed, all fitted with glass side screens and integral blinds.

It was certainly wonderful for us to work on this project knowing that its users would be children, their families and the medical and nursing staff who care for them.

The Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool is considered a benchmark in the field of paediatrics. They work on the development of children's treatments for cancer, muscular dystrophy and other diseases, as well as conducting research in various fields of paediatric medicine.

When a child is sick their care needs are paramount. The attention that children receive, when hospitalized in places like the Alder Hey Children's Hospital, is among the best available. That is why we approached the project with great seriousness and commitment.

With our hermetic doors, Manusa guarantee the hermeticity in the hospital thanks to our patented system of approach and pressure of the door leaf on the frame. Among the general characteristics of this type of door, in addition to those mentioned above, we can point out that hygiene is guaranteed thanks to materials such as stainless steel or high-density laminate.