Madrid, Spain

Arsenal Gym


A desire to look after oneself has come to the fore in society over recent years. Millions of people worldwide do some kind of sport every day or several times a week in order to feel better and optimise their muscular and physical appearance.

One of the businesses in the retail sector to yield most profits is that of gyms. Although it is true that a lot of money must be invested in sports machinery and in the right facilities, nowadays any entrepreneur who decides to take the leap and open a gym will be well aware of the fact that he won't be short of customers. From young to old, everyone is involved in activities to improve their fitness, tone or strengthen the muscles to avoid injuries.

Like any type of business in the sector, certain basic elements must be available to help improve the time spent at the facilities. One of these aspects is automatic accesses.

Manusa installed its products in the Arsenal Gym located in the emblematic district of Salamanca in the heart of Madrid. A five-storey building with a floor area of 8,500 square metres in which, as well as the usual routines of a gym, there are also several pools, a hairdressing and beauty service, a café, a restaurant, and all types of comforts.

The main entrance with its airlock system includes two doors with a panic break-out system with no vertical stiles. The airlock system is considered the best solution to avoid draughts, and the panic break-out system and its folding leaves provides greater security without sacrificing the beauty offered by the transparency of the glass without vertical stiles.

For partitioning doors, both slide-single opening doors and bi-parting doors with fixed leaves were installed, but all with transparent leaves. This successfully provided a wider view and a feeling of bright, open spaces.

Above all, the aim was for customers to feel like they were in a pleasant environment to improve their physical health. This is essential in the 21st century, which is based on the finer details.

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