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Automatic doors for enhancing the customer experience: Hotel Hoxton Poblenou


The Hoxton is a hotel chain characterized by transforming parking lots, old telephone exchanges or 18th century mansions into hotels. Paris, London, Vienna, Chicago or New York are some of the cities where you can find their hotels.

The Hoxton Poblenou Hotel opened in 2022, following in the footsteps of the other hotels in the group with the idea of offering a unique, comfortable and unforgettable experience. It has 240 rooms, a swimming pool and restaurants not only for hotel guests, but for anyone who wishes to enjoy it.

One of the aspects that the hotel managers wanted to ensure was an optimal flow of clients entering and leaving the hotel, providing accessibility without architectural barriers. To achieve this, Manusa installed several automatic doors in strategic locations.

automatic door hotel hoxton

Automatic doors speed up the flow of people

At the main entrance, two bi-parting automatic sliding doors with fixed leaves are part of a bright and airy lobby, while allowing smooth access to the hotel.

In addition, automatic single slide doors were installed at the entrance to the hotel's Four Corners restaurant, allowing convenient entry from the street for diners.

Automatic doors are synonymous with safety

Another automatic side door was installed in the guest room area, offering an exit to the street without having to pass through the reception area. This door is set up to open only from the inside, thus ensuring the safety of guests by restricting access from the street. This prevents unwanted intrusions into areas reserved exclusively for guests, offering them added comfort.

restaurant hotel hoxton

Access for inclusive and sustainable hotels

Thanks to the installation of these Manusa automatic doors, the Hoxton Poblenou Hotel offers more efficient access, facilitating accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

In addition, it is also important to highlight the energy efficiency achieved by the hotel through the installation of the fastest automatic doors on the market. Thanks to their fast opening and closing speed, they maintain the air conditioning inside the building, therefore meeting current sustainability standards.

If you run or manage a hotel and you want automatic doors to be part of your facilities, contact us now and the Manusa team will offer you personalized advice about which are the best products for your building.