Smyrna, Turkey

Automatic doors for stores in Turkey


In collaboration with Ikon Yapi, our distributor in Turkey, we have carried out a new project for installing automatic doors in the retail sector. Specifically, in a home decor store located in the Hilltown shopping center in Izmir, Turkey. We installed an automatic sliding door with central opening and two fixed panels, which integrates harmoniously and elegantly into the storefront.

This store, located in one of the busiest shopping malls in Izmir, has chosen to renovate its main entrance to offer an image of transparency that allows a perfect view inside the store and invites people to enter. In addition, this solution improves people flow, accessibility, the overall customer experience and the energy efficiency of the store.

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Automatic doors that improve interior visibility in businesses

In retail spaces, the customer experience begins the moment they enter the store. Both store employees and visitors to the Hilltown Mall require comfortable, efficient and attractive entrances that invite them to enter the store to learn about the products and make purchases.

Therefore, Ikon Yapi has installed a central opening automatic sliding door with two fixed leaves. This design allows a smooth and silent opening and closing mechanism, significantly improving the flow of customers. The clear profiling and the use of profiles in the same color as the storefront offer an image of transparency and continuity, which not only enables a clear view of the store interior, but also creates a visual invitation for potential customers.

Access points that enhances the shopping experience

The installed automatic door also offers greater accessibility, facilitates the smooth passage of people and eliminates architectural barriers, for example, for people with reduced mobility, busy hands with bags and baby strollers. In this way, the stores become more comfortable spaces for visitors, making the shopping experience more welcoming and efficient for customers, who can move more freely and comfortably within the store.

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Optimization of energy efficiency

The installation of this automatic sliding door in this home decor store provides multiple advantages, among which is also the increase in energy efficiency. The high-speed automatic opening and closing of our doors allows to maintain the air conditioning inside the spaces.

If you have a store and want to add value to your premises by incorporating an automatic door, contact us now and our team will determine the best solution for access to your retail establishment open to the public.