Barcelona, Spain

Automatic Platform Screen Doors along the L11 Barcelona Metro Line


Urban transport is widely used in big cities. Innovation and technology are gradually improving the way people move from home to work or to leisure and entertainment spaces.  Safety is one of the most important aspects of this type of urban mobility, both in the vehicles and in the stations.

One of Manusa's emblematic projects was developed in the different stations of line L11 of the Barcelona metro. There, automatic platform closure doors were installed, which provide a high level of security for passengers waiting for the arrival of the metro.

This system consists of a 2.4-metre-high transparent partition along the platform with eight sliding doors that coincide with the doors of the train and open when the metro stops. An acoustic signal warns of the closing of the doors, which are equipped with a complex safety system that prevents users from being trapped.

In addition, line L11 of the Barcelona metro operates automatically, thanks to the installation of specific technology for data transmission and automatic closing and opening of the doors located at the different stations on the line.

Automation is the future trend on metro lines in the quest to improve service. The main advantages of automatic train operation are traffic safety, regularity, punctuality and flexibility in adapting supply and demand. Creativity, high technology, adaptability and experience have made Manusa help to improve the functionality of one of the lines of this important metro network.

puertas cierre de anden linea 11 del metro Barcelona manusa