Barcelona, Spain

Automatic Platform Screen Doors at the Cuca de Llum Funicular Railway (Barcelona)


Manusa has participated in the renovation of the stations that comprise the Tibidabo funicular railway, known as Cuca de Llum, that connects the city of Barcelona with the amusement park. This renovation eliminated the old carriages, the old tracks and the catenary in favour of a new layout with new carriages. Manusa installed, in total, 24 automatic platform screen doors on four platforms at two stations.

The automatic platform screen doors guarantee the safety and comfort of passengers. These accesses are synchronised with the funicular train so that the doors open and close automatically when the vehicle arrives or leaves. This prevents incidents such as people or objects falling onto the tracks, someone being run over, or the disruption of normal funicular railway operations.

These intelligent accesses by Manusa have been custom-designed for this project. It started as a standard product that had to be adapted to meet all the safety demands required by transport environments. In this project, there was not a single, flat platform, as is usually the case, so the doors had to be at different levels. For this reason, a modular structure was created that was repeated at different levels, where the doors that provide access to the funicular railway are located.

Puertas automáticas cierre anden Funicular Cuca de llum