Barcelona, Spain

Bolós Pharmacy


One of the most frequented and appreciated establishments in cities is the pharmacy. It is a place we go to when we need a health product or when the doctor has prescribed a medicine to cure us of an ailment or illness. It is usually a place where people come and go regularly, so it is necessary for the access to be free of architectural barriers.

Manusa automatic doors are of great help in this aspect since, apart from offering high standards of hygiene and safety, they allow the pharmacy customers to enter and leave the premises quickly and without the need to push a door.

One of Manusa's emblematic projects is the Bolós Pharmacy. It is an establishment that started its activity in 1902 and is located in a modernist building designed by the architect Josep Bomènech i Estapà on the Rambla de Catalunya (Barcelona), which stands out for the original preservation of the decoration of the Modernist period.

The pharmacy is full of symbolic connotations. The stained-glass window on the door depicts an orange tree, a tree with various pharmacological properties, and above it is a sign with the name of the pharmacy surrounded by poppies, the most representative plant of Modernista pharmacies. 

Is it compatible to install an automatic door in a modernist building? Of course it is. Respecting 100% its integrity, a single slide opening automatic door was installed, using the wooden panel with leaded glass that represents the orange tree that was on the original door. In this way, Manusa offers a complete and practical automatic door solution, but without breaking the aesthetics and image of the pharmacy façade.

Moreover, Manusa automatic doors help to comply with the law decree in favour of the energy efficiency that obliges establishments with exterior doors facing the street to have automatic closing doors. This favours sustainability and energy saving by keeping the doors closed when nobody enters or leaves the pharmacy.