Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

BRT Project – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


Many cities around the world have public transport as an asset. This means that every day thousands of people travel by metro, train or bus from one place to another to carry out tasks of all kinds. The increase in this type of mobility, particularly on bus lines, also brings with it problems of congestion and safety, which can be solved, for example, thanks to the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

One of Manusa's emblematic projects is located in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). There, there is a BRT system with more than 400 Manusa automatic doors that were installed along the entire network of stations. This project was carried out in several phases, the first one in 2013 which linked a total of 45 stations. The second phase was inaugurated in 2016 on the occasion of the Olympic Games held in the city. To cope with the high volume of people, a further 18 stations were opened with the BRT system.

This control and management system allows for synchronised opening and closing at the dock and on the bus, allowing the movement and boarding and alighting of passengers to be coordinated and safe.

With a population of over six million inhabitants, this system offers a fast and safe means of transport between different parts of the city, as the interval between buses is approximately one and a half minutes. Moreover, as it is a scalable system, it can continue to grow, adapting to the needs and installing stations wherever necessary.

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