Oviedo, Spain

Central University Hospital in Asturias


Hospitals are spaces that must be safe and free from bacteria and viruses. The health workers work day and night to ensure that society has the best possible health. This happens thanks to their professionalism, and to the facilities where they perform their jobs, such as consulting rooms, operating theatres, waiting rooms, intensive care units or patient rooms; and also common area such as receptions, kitchens, warehouses or pharmacies.

One of the elements that recently became especially relevant in the health sector is the automatic door. In hospitals and clinics, automatic doors help the flow of people: patients, relatives, ward staff, nurses, medical personnel or other workers such as maintenance staff.

One of the most iconic Manusa projects was developed at the Central University Hospital in Asturias, in the city of Oviedo (Spain). Here, Manusa installed more than 300 automatic doors that improve the experience of people during their stay.

The hospital centre has more than 300 sliding doors for the main entrances, or for dividing specific hospital areas. These include some panic break-out doors, that allow their leaves to fold back to maximise the transit area in the event of an emergency, as well as fire resistant doors to section off areas where there is a high fire hazard.

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Hermetic hospital doors manufacturer

At this hospital in Asturias, Manusa has also installed more than a hundred hermetic doors located in surgical areas, intensive care units and isolation areas. Fifteen of the automatic hermetic doors are leaded, located in X-ray rooms to ensure the effective insulation from X-rays.

One of the highlights of a leaded automatic door leaf is that it has two layers of 1-millimetre-thick lead, that overlap with the lead inserts in the walls of the radiology room to ensure perfect insulation.

Leaded radiology doors Manusa offer maximum safety, comfort, and a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Also, there is the option to incorporate a viewing panel with a camera, and leaded glass.

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