Madrid, Spain

Community of Property Owners at Valgame Dios Street


The residential sector is one of the sectors that is gradually incorporating the automation of doors in common areas such as access from the outside to the property or urbanization.

Many communities of owners see automatic doors as an added value for their homes as well as an element that favors security and optimizes accessibility, since intelligent accesses eliminate architectural barriers.

One of the projects developed by Manusa was carried out in a community of neighbors located in Válgame Dios street, in the center of Madrid. A pedestrian street that every day is trafficked by hundreds of people and whose doorway had a heavy manual door that did not close properly and made noise when opening and closing.

There Manusa installed an automatic telescopic sliding door, allowing a maximum opening in a minimum space. This new door, with transparent leaves, allows more natural light to enter the building's portal. In addition, it reduces noise, increases security and provides greater accessibility, allowing the smooth passage of people in wheelchairs, carrying shopping bags or pushing a baby stroller.

Installing an automatic door in a community of owners has other advantages such as comfort or modernity. This increases the market value of the property. In addition, the installation of intelligent access improves the energy efficiency of the building as it avoids sudden changes in temperature, especially in winter and summer, when the cold or heat can be more intense.

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