Puebla, Mexico

Mercedes Benz Reyes Huerta Dealer


We are not used to seeing vehicles inside buildings, except when we are in front of a car dealership or a car show. In that case, the brands design the space so that the cars are well lit, the bodywork shiny and the interior clean, with the purpose of selling or presenting a new model.

For the movement of these vehicles, it is essential that there are no architectural barriers that make it difficult to bring a car into the dealership or for the company's sales and marketing staff to take a car out onto the street. And these architectural barriers do not only refer to a kerb or a wall, but also to the accesses to the building.

Manusa automatic doors facilitate this transit of cars and people at the entrances and exits of a dealership. A good example would be the Mercedes Benz Reyes Huerta dealership, in Mexico, specifically in the city of Puebla. There, thanks to our distributor Puertas Automáticas de Veracruz, we installed automatic sliding doors for the access of people from the outside.

Automatic doors increase the safety and hygiene of the dealership.

The installation of automatic doors benefits the automotive brand as, in addition to facilitating traffic, it presents the place as an elegant, avant-garde, modern and efficient space in terms of energy saving. In addition, automatic doors ensure safety and hygiene, and improve the energy consumption conditions of the building, making it a more efficient and environmentally friendly place. In the case of air-conditioned car dealerships located in Spanish territory, Manusa's intelligent accesses will help them to comply with the Royal Decree-Law on energy saving and efficiency measures.

Manusa standard automatic sliding doors installed in a dealership can include swing leaves that help to enlarge the space and facilitate the access, as well as to make a quick evacuation of employees and customers in case of emergency.

Do you have a dealership and want to install automatic doors? Contact us now and we'll help you with the design, manufacture and installation of smart entrances in your business to enhance your reputation and help you increase sales.

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