Toledo, Spain

Consejería de Fomento


In all countries, the public administration has buildings in different cities that provide services to citizens. This type of buildings can be used to request documentation, carry out bureaucratic procedures or many other formalities that affect the day-to-day life of any inhabitant or institution of a territory.

One of Manusa's projects was carried out in "Consejería de Fomento" of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, located in Toledo. A public building that helps to promote investments, to develop infrastructures and to give advice on housing, energy, transport, training and employment to the residents of this region of Spain.

There, Manusa installed automatic sliding doors with break-out system with transparent profiles at the main entrance of the building. They offer the security of the break-out system, but without renouncing to the aesthetics provided by the transparency of the glass without vertical profiles. Thanks to them, a fluid transit of people is achieved at the entrance and exit of the building, breaking down architectural barriers and achieving greater energy efficiency in the building.

This model of door works like a sliding door, except that in case of emergency, the leaves open sideways, allowing a wide free passage for evacuation.

The presence of this type of automatic door in this public building is a great improvement in terms of accessibility, modernity and energy efficiency. In addition, the doors chosen for the "Consejería de Fomento" are mirrored, preventing the outside from seeing what is happening inside, but allowing the outside to be seen from the inside of the building.

consejeria fomento toledo puertas automaticas manusa