Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cosmetic and therapeutic products laboratory in Buenos Aires


Manusa, a company dedicated to the manufacture of automatic doors, and Ferroflex, in charge of the manufacture of industrial high-speed doors, have devised a joint integral solution to create a series of intelligent accesses in a cosmetic and therapeutic products laboratory located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The installation has been carried out thanks to Audoor Puertas Automáticas, Manusa's distributor in Argentina, which has been in charge of carrying out this project that integrates several access typologies. Laboratories are spaces that require a series of conditions so that the products stored there are in perfect condition and do not deteriorate. Both Manusa and Ferroflex have solutions capable of offering hygiene, airtightness, functionality and safety in the different rooms and corridors of the laboratories.

The project consists of an automaton that allows the opening and closing of the different types of access in lock mode. The airlock system is a security solution that prevents the doors from being open at the same time, as the first one does not open if the second one is not closed or vice versa. As this is a laboratory, the hygiene and safety conditions are very high, which is why airlock systems were incorporated in both automatic doors and high-speed doors.

Automatic hermetic sliding doors have been installed in main access areas, while high-speed roll-up doors for clean rooms have been installed where an airlock enclosure was needed, but there was not enough space for a sliding door. In case of emergency or evacuation, the installation is programmed so that the airlocks will stop working, thus allowing an evacuation when the conditions require it.

Manusa presents integral solutions for the cosmetic industry and this Argentinean laboratory is already benefiting from them. Do you manage or work in a laboratory and wish to improve the accesses to the different rooms? Contact us now and we will inform you about the products that will improve the entrances and exits to the laboratory rooms.

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