Barcelona, Spain

David Valls store


The demands of modern society mean that the spaces in which life takes place must be comfortable and in line with the unstoppable technology that now reaches all sectors of life. This also involves shops and horeca premises, formed by hotels, restaurants, cafés, and other areas dealing in hospitality.

Although it is true that what is important lies inside the stores -in their products and services- it is also essential to look after the outside of retail premises. Accesses are the first step and the entrance must be well cared for and comfortable for access by habitual customers and those who might become ambassadors of the brand.

The David Valls store in Barcelona decided to install an automatic sliding entrance door that is fixed leaf side opening, with cast iron door leaves. This emblematic project by Manusa in the Born district -one of the most important zones of the Catalan city- provided added value in comparison with other establishments that have manual doors.

The customers of David Valls are given a positive experience when they enter the store, as the door opens as they enter, giving them a great welcome and helping at the exit because they do not have to use their hands to open the door, hands that are often carrying shopping bags. Energy efficiency is also better than in other spaces, as the change in temperature due to a badly closed door is avoided.

This is a wide variety of accesses, but automatic sliding doors are the most common in this type of store. Thanks to their design and drive units, Manusa products are a guarantee of durability and professionalism.

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