Puerto Montt, Chile

El Tepual International Airport


Security is one of the most important aspects in an airport. It is essential for all countries to allocate maximum resources to this area in order to avoid situations of risk, theft, unwanted intrusions, or terrorist attacks. It is therefore very important to have a secure access control system at the boarding terminal, at the baggage claim area and at the entrance to the aircraft.

One of the projects developed by Manusa was carried out at the El Tepual International Airport, located near Puerto Montt, Chile. It is the main airport in the Los Lagos region and handles more than one million passengers each year, second only to Santiago de Chile, the country's capital.

With the help of our distributor Manusa Chile, five non-return lanes have been installed there to guarantee safety and facilitate the unidirectional flow of people. Their main purpose is to allow a smooth passage from a critical security area, such as the disembarkation area, to another area with less security, such as the controlled access area or the baggage reclaim area. Thanks to its modular design, it is an elegant, customisable solution that fits perfectly into the airport environment.

one way corridor tepual airport chile

Comprehensive security for airports

The one-way corridor consists of two airlock system doors and opens automatically in the direction of the flow of people, without disturbing the users. In case of attempted use in the opposite direction, an alarm is triggered, and the corresponding door is closed and locked, preventing unauthorised passage until the corridor is completely empty. It is completely safe to operate thanks to its sophisticated pedestrian direction detection system.

aeropuerto chile manusa proyecto