Madrid, Spain

Frutería Gold Gourmet. Platea Madrid


Thousands of people visit shopping centres all over the world every day. They shop, visit stores, walk around, meet friends… In these retail areas, they carry out dozens of activities under one roof.

It is essential that the access allows the fluid movement of customers to and from the building. In the majority of cases, the entrances and exits usually have automatic sliding doors that, by means of movement sensors, open and close without the pedestrians needing to perform any type of action.

These automatic doors are also employed in some of the premises of buildings devoted to the retail sector. In the Frutería Gold Gourmet in Sala Platea, Madrid, Manusa installed an automatic door to provide easy access to customers, and to keep food fresh at the right temperature.

This fresh-produce shop has a transparent side-opening automatic door that allows the products to be seen through the glass from the outside. The upper profile is fixed to the top of the glass. And the chassis and cover have a wood finish, matching other elements in the premises, such as the roof and manual doors.


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