Valdepeñas, Spain

Gutierrez Ortega Hospital


Hospitals represent one of the most essential facilities for citizens. At Manusa we have worked in countless hospitals all over the world, as they are buildings with very specific needs regarding the type of doors they require, and we apply specific solutions for each of their needs.

One of our latest projects has been carried out at the Gutiérrez Ortega Hospital in Valdepeñas, a municipality in the province of Ciudad Real, in Castilla La Mancha (Spain). There we installed automatic doors with panic break-out system at the entrance to the outpatients' department of the building, leaving a space between them as a vestibule. These doors function as an emergency exit, guaranteeing the safety of people. The leaves are personalised with the logo of the Autonomous Community and blue stripes.

Thanks to this installation for the entrances and exits of patients and healthcare staff, this building of 50 years of history and belonging to the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service (SESCAM) now enjoys an improved accessibility, which allows a fluid passage even for people with reduced mobility.

Moreover, thanks to the high opening and closing speed of the Manusa automatic doors, the fastest in the market, the energy efficiency of the hospital is optimised, reducing to a minimum the losses of air-conditioned air. This optimised control of the temperature of the building also improves the comfort of the people inside. As they are fully automatic doors that do not require any physical contact for their activation, the hygiene of the facilities is maximised by avoiding the transmission of viruses, bacteria or other germs that can be transmitted by contact with manual door handles.

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