Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Heart Institute


Manusa automatic doors are present in dozens of countries all over the world. We design, manufacture and install intelligent accesses for clients from different sectors, always seeking to implement technology in properties and buildings of all kinds and offering advanced solutions that improve the transit of people.

One of our flagship projects is at the Ho Chi Minh Heart Institute in Vietnam. Created in 1992, this health centre operates on children suffering from heart disease or malformations. Since its foundation, it has performed more than 25,000 operations and is considered a leading hospital specialising in cardiology, covering all phases from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

It has 22 Manusa hermetic sliding doors installed in its operating theatres. Its panelled leaves and the assembly of all its elements without overlaps, being the perimeter and the peephole flush with the body of the leaf, facilitate the cleaning of the leaf and achieve the adequate hygiene in such a demanding environment as an operating theatre. Its tightness prevents contamination by dirt or micro-organisms. The door leaves and operators are finished in blue, although it would also have been possible to install them in stainless steel.

Automatic doors in Vietnam and Asia

Manusa's commitment to the sanitary sector is very important. We offer efficient solutions for all the areas of any hospital:

  • Surgical areas
  • Main or emergency entrances
  • Partitioning doors in interior spaces

The automatic doors for hospitals contribute to maintain the hygiene, safety and comfort of workers and patients. They also improve the energy efficiency of the building by preventing sudden changes in temperature caused by a door being left open by mistake.

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