Larnaca, Cyprus

Hotel Mercure Larnaca Beach Resort


At Manusa, in collaboration with our distributor in Cyprus, SKS DOORS, we have developed an important project at the Mercure Larnaca Beach Resort Hotel, located in the Cypriot town of Larnaca. It is a four-star accommodation complex that has a set of our automatic doors that provide comfort and security to guests and workers, and provide the building with elegance, energy efficiency and innovation at the forefront of the XXI century.

The accommodation complex needed to ensure conditions that would provide the best possible experience for guests, while at the same time contributing to maintaining the aesthetic line of the establishment. Therefore, when designing the access solutions, at Manusa we took into account certain issues such as fluid circulation and the elegant and modern aesthetics of the interiors.

Automatic doors that improve the guest experience

To meet our client's need, Manusa offered a customized integral solution that included the installation of standard bi-parting automatic sliding doors at the main entrance of the hotel and in the pool area. In this second space, we installed several automatic doors: one that communicates with the reception, another that gives access to the elevator leading to the rooms, and three more that connect to the dining room.

The choice of standard automatic sliding doors was based on their ability to facilitate the smooth movement of hotel guests and employees, in addition to their functionality.

automatic door hotel cyprus

The advantages of automatic doors at the resort

Manusa standard automatic sliding doors bring multiple benefits to the Mercure Larnaca Beach Resort in Cyprus. They offer a high-quality solution designed to blend in perfectly with the hotel's architectural style, allowing people to pass through smoothly without the need for physical contact with the door. With the highest opening speed on the market, these doors contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability, reducing energy consumption by preventing a door from being left open by mistake and causing abrupt temperature changes inside the building.

In addition to complying with all the current regulations, these doors incorporate obstacle detection systems with automatic reopening, guaranteeing the safety of people and correct operation of the doors. Enhancing guest comfort is vital for any hotel complex and our automatic doors are a huge help in this task.