Barcelona, Spain

Interlock System at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (Barcelona)


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require hygienic and comfortable facilities that ensure a good and safe stay for people requiring medical or nursing care. Aspects such as natural lighting, ceiling heights and automated access are part of people's comfort and are beneficial to their health. 

The Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona has opened the new Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (UCIP), which has 24 boxes or single rooms and is equipped with the latest technology. The new space has been designed to offer patients and their families comprehensive care and to provide healthcare professionals with spaces and resources that allow them to carry out their work in optimum conditions.

Of the different boxes, occupied by patients and their families, one of them has negative pressure, for the admission of patients with highly contagious infectious diseases, and two others are equipped with positive pressure for the care of immunocompromised patients.

Manusa automatic hermetic doors with an airlock system were installed there, which guarantees the isolation of the space. To this system must also be added the installation of card readers that allow access only to authorised personnel, sensors that allow the detection of obstacles and avoid unexpected closures, and proximity sensors that allow the door to be opened without contact. To all this, we must add that it allows the communication and integration with the UCIP computer system network, in order to evaluate in real time data about the operation of the centre.

Thanks to the Manusa automatic doors, hygiene is completely guaranteed against viruses and bacteria. Moreover, the presence of this type of accesses is synonymous of safety, technological innovation and vanguard.

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