Izmir, Turkey

MY Hotel


When a person travels to another city and stays at a hotel, whether for work or holiday, they wants the best service and value for money. This is acknowledged by the hotel owners as well as the architects and designers who plan the building’s construction, inside and outside.

Together with IKON, Manusa installed a bi-parting doors with framed leaves at the entrance of MyHotel in Izmir (Turkey).

This type of door combines the functionality of a sliding door with the possibility of folding back the leaves, allowing to maximise the area of passage. Framed leaves offer great resistance and durability, and make them suitable for high traffic flow, as in this case, the entrance of a hotel.

In this aspect, we could differentiate four large spaces in hotels in which Manusa installs its products.

  • First of all, there are the entrances and exits of the building. They give the establishment a unique touch and facilitate the mobility of its guests. Depending on the importance of the hotel and the number of rooms it has, we can find sliding, curved or revolving doors.
  • In hotels, there are also restricted areas. Our products can also limit access to certain areas through controlled access corridors or other access control systems integrated in automatic doors. In these spaces access control products are installed to prevent intrusions of any kind.
  • Thirdly, there is a distinct space in the hotel where the kitchen and the restaurant are located. The fire-resistant doors are ideal to separate these spaces from other areas of the building.
  • In addition to these three areas, there is a fourth that can be classified as sectioned spaces or areas. Different spaces are created without creating barriers, integrating our doors into the environment and helping the mobility of customers and staff. Sliding doors and telescopic doors are the most suitable for these areas.

Hotel chains strive to deliver comfort and safety to their customers. This product combines both ease and flow of traffic, and maximum open of passage if needed.