London, United Kingdom

One-way corridor at Gatwick Airport (United Kingdom)


Every day, thousands of people around the world board an aircraft to travel for work, leisure or other needs. Whether it is a local flight within the country or an international trip, security on planes and at airports has become one of the most important aspects of both personal and national security in some places.

Gatwick Airport, also known as London Gatwick, is a major international airport. It is the second busiest airport by total passenger traffic in the UK, after Heathrow Airport.

One of Manusa's emblematic projects was developed here. Thanks to JLC Group, our distributor in UK, three one-way corridors with a special width of 1200 mm were installed at the customer's request. Two additional anti-approach structures were also installed to increase security and prevent uncontrolled access to the one-way corridor. In this structure, intercoms were placed to be able to communicate with the outside.

The presence of these Manusa access controls ensures that no person can access a specific area of the airport or retrace their steps, especially when exiting the aircraft on their way to customs, passport control and subsequent baggage reclaim.

The non-return lanes are equipped with alarms that are triggered in case someone tries to use them in the opposite direction and an automatic locking and unlocking device that only unlocks when the lane is completely empty. This helps airport staff and UK security services.

Pasillo antirretorno aeropuerto Gatwick Reino Unido