Madeira and Azores, Portugal

One-way corridor at Madeira and Azores Airports (Portugal)


Madeira and Azores are two Atlantic archipelagos belonging to Portugal. Manusa has installed one-way corridors in their main airports. On the island of San Miguel, in the Azores, two one-way corridors were installed at Juan Pablo II airport, located in the city of Ponta Delgada.

These corridors were installed in parallel to allow the continuous flow of passengers when the traffic is high without compromising safety. The one-way corridors passengers are safety devices allowing the flow of people in one direction only. If an attempt is made to use it in the opposite direction, an alarm activates and the corresponding automatic door closes and locks, preventing unauthorised access, until the corridor is completely empty. For this reason, direction indicators are installed in the upper part of the structure, to indicate if access is allowed or denied.

In Madeira, the installation of the one-way corridors was completed at the main airport of the island, in the city of Funchal. A total of four were installed, since the airport receives thousands of tourists each day, its traffic is high, and one-way corridors may be installed in parallel, adding as many corridors as may be necessary.


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