La Coruña, Spain

Personalised automatic doors in the Tira do Playa Restaurant


Next to Riazor beach, in La Coruña, is the Tira do Playa restaurant, a seafood restaurant with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The managers of the establishment asked our team for two main needs: to automate the entrance to the restaurant from the outside and access to the terrace from the inside. In addition, they asked us for a solution that would enhance the aesthetics of the entrance, optimise the space and provide a safe, functional and efficient access.

At Manusa we developed a customised solution to meet the specific requirements of this project that had an additional challenge, given by a column that divides the two access spaces.

puerta automatica personalizada Restaurante Tira do Playa

Innovation to extend the entrance of the restaurant

In order to meet our client's needs and overcome the challenge of the column, Manusa developed an innovative solution.

We installed two automatic doors, one with a left-opening operator and the other with a right-opening one, sharing a single chassis. "We used a telescopic operator chassis, and on the chassis of the fast door leaf we placed the motorisation for one of the doors, while on the slow door we placed a motorisation for the other door with a special adaptation," explains Xavier Vega Corral, one of our industrial engineering technicians, on the technical aspect of the project.

This configuration not only maximises the available space, but also contributes to a more elegant and modern appearance by avoiding the installation of an operator on each side of the access.

Restaurante Tira do Playa puerta automatica

Safety for customers and staff thanks to the automatic doors

To reinforce safety, at Manusa we install a fixed profile that protects the opening area, providing an additional barrier to prevent possible accidents.

In addition, like all our automatic sliding doors, those of the Tira do Playa Restaurant incorporate obstacle detection systems with automatic reopening. This function is essential when it comes to avoiding entrapment and is particularly important in establishments such as the Tira do Playa restaurant where families with children often go.

If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant and you wish to improve accesses thanks to the automation of doors, contact us now and our team will tell you which is the best solution for your establishment.