Tours, France

Porte de Loire Pharmacy


It is common for the most frequented buildings in cities of varying size and population to be those associated with the health sector. In addition to hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics or small health centres, pharmacies also play a major role in serving the public.

It is important that all pharmacies, in addition to properly dispensing medicines and other health products, have a number of features related to hygiene, safety and accessibility. In this respect, it is helpful to have automatic doors for access from the street.

Automatic doors in pharmacies make entry and exit easier for people with reduced mobility who use wheelchairs or crutches. In addition, intelligent accesses improve hygiene against viruses and bacteria by avoiding manual contact with the door.

The Manusa distributor in France, Axed Portes Automatiques, was commissioned to install an automatic single slide door at the entrance of a pharmacy in the city of Tours. This establishment has more than 80 years of history and a very particular façade, so the door was perfectly integrated as it is made of wood and painted in the same colour. In addition, a peephole was incorporated into the door leaf to allow the dispensing of medicines without having to open the door, which is essential when someone wants to buy medicine and the pharmacy is closed, such as at night.

Thanks to this installation, as well as increasing the flow of people, the energy efficiency of the premises was improved, preventing the door from being left open due to carelessness and a sudden change in temperature inside the pharmacy, especially when there are extreme temperatures in winter or summer.

Pharmacie Porte de Loire Tours