Barcelona, Spain

Semi-Critical Cardiology Patient Unit at Bellvitge Hospital, Barcelona


The health sector is working constantly on ensuring the best patient well-being possible. These high levels of optimisation are reached with dozens of minor details that include aspects such as lighting, soundproofing, the layout of the different areas, corridors and floors, or the size of the rooms. Doctors, nurses, orderlies and all types of healthcare professionals involved in ensuring the best care and health of everyone also benefit from this.

Another element that provides this comfort in hospitals are automatic doors. Among others, they facilitate the transit of people and improve the energy efficiency of buildings thanks to better temperature control and avoiding sudden changes in the general thermometer of the property. They also help stall bacteria and viruses, as people do not have to touch the surface and, because they close automatically, they prevent a room or ward from being opened by mistake, which would cause unwanted air circulation.

puertas automaticas hospital Bellvitge Barcelona

In its commitment to improve the living conditions in healthcare buildings, Manusa has installed 19 automatic doors in the new Semi-critical Patient Unit at Bellvitge University Hospital in Barcelona. Fifteen of these as an entrance to fifteen cubicles used to care for people requiring isolation or emergency care, and another four as ward access doors in this new hospital unit.

Manusa, the greatest ally of the health sector

The installation was conducted together with the construction company Grupo Cime. All the Manusa doors incorporate IoT technology, which provides connectivity control and remote control of the doors. Thanks to this new technology, access can be managed remotely if required.

puertas automaticas de hospital automatic doors

The new Semi-Critical Cardiology Patient Unit includes the most modern equipment and materials. Furthermore, its architecture has been adapted to the requirements of the HU-CI project for the humanisation of health areas. These are much larger and brighter, and look out onto the street. The rooms used as offices, workrooms and changing rooms have been improved to benefit both personnel and patients and their relatives.

For the good of society, the health sector must remain at the forefront of all types of technology, including not only medical but also that corresponding to access automation. As such, health centres have an ally in Manusa.

Unidad de Enfermos Semicriticos Cardiologicos del Hospital de Bellvitge, Barcelona