Madrid, Spain

State Railway Safety Agency


In most large cities there are buildings that house public entities that offer services to citizens in a variety of sectors and areas. In all these types of buildings, the comfort of both the employees and the people who visit them to carry out some kind of administrative procedure is sought.

The automatic doors favour the fluid traffic of people in the accesses to any building thanks to the fact that they eliminate architectural barriers that can be an obstacle for people with reduced mobility who move around in wheelchairs or with crutches. They also favour the energy efficiency of the building as they ensure that a door is not left open due to carelessness when entering or leaving the building.

One of Manusa's emblematic projects was carried out in the State Agency for Railway Safety, a public body belonging to the Spanish Government that has its headquarters in Madrid.

At the entrance of the building, the manual doors were replaced by automatic doors with bi-parting opening, with transparent profiles in both the mobile and fixed leaves. Thanks to this, it was possible to install vinyls on the leaves, giving an original design, with opacity in the lower part and opaque horizontal lines in the central part.

proyecto agencia seguridad ferroviaria madrid