Jalan Cheras, Malaysia

Sunway Velocity Mall


Automatic doors in one of the most important shopping centres in Malaysia

Young people, seniors and entire families visit and enjoy their free time in shopping centres in and around cities. They do this especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but also on other days of the week.

To avoid slow and uncomfortable visitor traffic, Manusa installed bi-parting sliding doors at the Sunway Velocity Mall, a large 7-storey, 92,000-square-meter shopping centre located on Jalan Cheras, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For Malaysians and visitors, this place is a point of reference for its avant-garde architecture and neo-futurist facade. There are shops of all kinds, cinemas and gyms inside this unique shopping centre.

Thanks to our distributor, Bansho, the doors were installed at the entrances and exits of the shopping centre, in the office areas and car park, something that positively affects both workers and visitors. One of its main features is its fully framed bi-parting sliding doors.

In addition, in relation to the opening of automatic doors this system offers the highest speed on the market. Likewise, the product grants and presents great security for users. This last point is reflected, for example, in the connection of fire alarms, emergency stop mechanisms and protection of the opening movement.

Leisure is a fundamental part of people's lives and we are aware of this from the outset. This is why our products are also installed in these types of spaces.