Suzhou, China

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University


When you visit a hospital it isn’t normally for pleasure. If you go to a healthcare complex it’s because you’re ill, you’re about to have an operation, you have a medical examination, or you’re going to visit a relative or friend. If being in a hospital is already bad enough, it is even more so if you don’t have a series of comforts around you.

This well-being, among other matters, includes automatic accesses to enter and exit the building. It also includes the automatic doors to the different areas of the facility, whether they be wards, operating theatres, corridors, waiting rooms, examination rooms, offices, etc.

In one of the emblematic projects of Manusa worldwide, work took place at The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University (China). Several sliding hermetic doors with a vision panel and tubular handle were installed there, which are commonly used in laboratories, hospitals, and environments linked to the health sector and all types of clean rooms in industrial environments.

Clear View glazed hermetic doors, doors where the glass is framed to give a full view, were also installed. With these doors, patients can be monitored and supervised from outside the room. This is extremely important for the medical and nursing teams.

The good thing about this type of glass is that it offers privacy when required. They include an option to include glass with integrated venetian blind or electropolarised glass to avoid being seen from outside the room.

This Chinese hospital first opened in 1988. Apart from providing medical treatment, this hospital is also a university hospital for teaching and scientific research. It also works on disease prevention and nuclear medicine treatments.

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