Tours, France

Thierry Jewellery


For many small and medium-sized companies, the security of their premises is one of the most important needs. This is even more so when the products they sell are high priced or susceptible to theft or robbery by the enemies of the unwanted. One of the small businesses that are becoming more and more security-conscious every day are jewellers.

Security can be reinforced with video surveillance cameras, qualified personnel to protect the premises, alarms connected to the police and with access that guarantees, in addition to the integrity of the employees, the protection of jewellery, high-end watches and other products on sale. In this last aspect, it is important to emphasise that the presence of automatic doors optimises security in any jewellery store where they are installed.

One of Manusa's emblematic projects was developed in the Thierry jewellery shop, located in the French city of Tours. There, thanks to the distributor Axed Portes Automatiques, a curved automatic sliding door with two mobile leaves was installed, an elegant and singular solution that integrates functionality, comfort and efficiency in the opening and closing of any establishment. In this project, the team of designers adapted to the needs presented by the client and the door was integrated inside the establishment and not at street level. After entering the premises by pushing a manual door, the person is confronted with the automatic access that has an airlock system to allow remote entry under the supervision of the jewellery store staff.


Projet Bijouterie Thierry Tours