Amman, Jordan

Thousand Nights Hotel


Either for work or for pleasure, thousands of people around the globe stay in hotels in thousands of cities worldwide every day. The high season is often linked to the summer or Christmas holidays and, during the rest of the year, in the low season there is a drop in prices and, in most places, in the number of visitors.

Hotels form a fundamental part of any city, and although there are mobile apps on which private accommodation can be found, a great many people continue to stay in hotels, just as they always have done.

The Horeca sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés) has also been using automatic doors in its facilities for decades. When this type of product was first launched, it was a very new occurrence to see how automatic systems were installed at the main entrance to important hotels for guests to enter and exit.

This streamlined traffic and prevented visitors from having to use their hands that were usually loaded with luggage to open the doors.

Thanks to its international expansion, Manusa also works in Middle Eastern countries. In Amman, the capital city of Jordan, we have developed a project at the Thousand Nights Hotel, a luxury hotel and spa complex located in the centre of the Jordanian city.

This is a 5-star hotel with all the services and conveniences, as well as an excellent location. The Manusa doors installed in the hotel are at the entrance. More specifically there are two doors: one bi-parting doors and the other single-slide opening

Without a doubt, this is yet another convenience for guests arriving at the hotel, who climb the stairs or the access ramp to the building and are welcomed by the luxury of this magnificent accommodation with the doors wide open, ready for an unforgettable experience.