Barcelona, Spain

Torre Glòries


Currently, companies are caring more and more about their employees, and work hard to find and attract the most talented individuals. Enjoying a pleasant, safe and well-cared for workspace is an extra bonus when looking for work.

Many companies across diverse economic sectors throughout the world have carried out works to modernise their facilities, and others have opted to change their headquarters to other areas that offer better features. A brand located in a good, interesting area in the city grants an intangible benefit.

One of the most emblematic buildings of the Barcelona skyline is, without doubt, the Torre Glòries. Designed by the architect Jean Nouvel, it is considered a symbol of modernity, and represents an important business centre in the Catalonian capital.

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This 30-floor iconic building houses various offices and marks the entrance to the technological district 22@, a place where a multitude of companies, universities and research centres congregate in the Catalonian city. Its latest advances in technology, well-being and sustainability, as well as a worldwide international projection, place the Torre Glòries at the forefront of the 21st century.

Big Savings from the Automatic Revolving Doors

At the entrance of this office building, Manusa installed automatic revolving doors. This provides Torre Glòries with additional elegance and modernity, as well as improving its energy efficiency thanks to the thermal insulation that prevents air currents and sudden temperature changes.

This type of access allows the fluid transit of people at the entrance and exit, which helps prevent congestion. Additionally, it guarantees sound insulation, so that the bustling noise of the city does not bother people in the reception area of the building.

puerta giratoria entrada torre glories barcelona