Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas Towers, Suria KLCC Mall


Companies always work to innovate, at both an internal and external level. Having modern facilities, located in a representative, modern and attractive space, improves the perception others have of the company.

The retail sector, dedicated to commercial and entertainment spaces, is one of the sectors that innovates day by day, in order to always maintain the customers’ attention and to improve their visit to leisure and shopping centres.

Furthermore, when people spend their leisure time shopping or entertaining themselves in buildings and facilities with a sustainable architecture, that are energetically efficient and which feature the best technology, the quality of life of both visitors and employees improves.

The diedro automatic door, a perfect solution for a grand access

One of Manusa's iconic projects was developed at Suria KLCC Mall, located at the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Several diedro doors were designed, manufactured and installed at the main entrance to the shopping centre.

Because of the curved entrance, this automatic door model was chosen, providing the space with the elegance, modernity and comfort that this famous building requires.

Given the size of the curve at the entrance to the Petronas Towers, the angle of the leaves is practically imperceptible, but it is there. Manusa's automatic door experts worked on this design with determination and professionalism in order to meet the customer's needs with an optimum solution.

puerta automatica mall automatic door malasia suria klcc

A curved automatic door requires the operator, the leaf profiles and the glass to be curved. But in the case of this diedro automatic door, the operator has a special design, since the leaves close forming an angle which adapts to the needs of its surroundings.

This is a perfect solution in a complex space which, being large both in height and width, the diedro door is the best access solution. If your company needs to install a very large automatic door, contact us and we will work together in order to achieve the best automatised access.

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