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The benefits of customising automatic doors

custom automatic doors benefits

Most architects and property developers when faced with the construction of a new building advocate activating high levels of customisation to differentiate their property from others. Not only on the outside of the building, but also inside, in the rooms and communal areas.

Many of the new architectural projects of different calibre and sectors, or buildings that were built years ago, are opting for the integration of automatic doors that favour security, comfort, hygiene, and energy efficiency. And this customisation also extends to the entrances and exits of the building and its interior.

Like any other element, automatic doors can also be customised. Although it is possible to choose the type of opening, central or lateral, it is better to be advised by the Manusa sales team, who, according to the available measurements, will propose the model that is best suited to the needs. But customisation goes beyond the type of opening because there is also the option of lacquering the door profiles in any available colour from the RAL chart, or even manufacturing it using other materials, such as wood or cast iron.

Customised automatic doors for businesses

As an added value, automatic doors can have integrated glass panels with LED lighting, as well as screen printing with the company logo or, for example, lettering featuring the brand's slogan.

Having unique automatic doors is beneficial for any company or business. If you would like to give your establishment or premises a distinctive touch, contact Manusa now and our team of professionals will explain all the steps to be taken so that the entrances to your premises attract the attention of your potential customers.