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Automatic doors with LED lighting, an innovative element to attract attention

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LED lighting has been implemented in many places over recent years. From private homes to shops and retail areas, or public lighting in parks and streets. Thanks to their low consumption and long duration, among other characteristics, LED lights have meant a change in how life is lit up in many homes and cities around the world.

Many buildings have integrated this lighting into different rooms to improve the experience of the people working or living in them. An important innovation in terms of LED lights is the possibility of using them in accesses.

Automatic doors are extremely commonplace in thousands of buildings around the world. Properties such as shops, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants or banks already have intelligent accesses to ensure the easy movement of people, to improve energy efficiency by avoiding sudden temperature changes, and to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria because people do not have to touch the door with their hands to open or close it.

LED lighting can be integrated into the glass leaves of Manusa automatic sliding doors. This offers the automatic door a new dimension and makes the entrance to the building visually attractive to pedestrians. Interesting lighting effects can be achieved by engraving special glass and lighting it with LED strips.

The LED lighting system for automatic doors is ideal for decorationadvertising or signage in any building with automatic sliding doors that wants to attract the attention of those nearby. For example, for decoration using motifs or images associated with the corporate identity of a company, a sales campaign in a shop or to indicate the places to go to or the directions to take at the entrance to a hospital.

Yet another product to add to the innovative accessories for Manusa automatic doors in its commitment towards research and development in the technology used in its intelligent accesses.