The energy efficiency of revolving doors at airports

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When you have to take a plane to travel to another city or country, you want the process before you take off to be as easy as possible. Checking in your luggage, passing through airport security, waiting, passport control before boarding, looking for your seat, etc.

It all starts when you enter the airport. Although it might seem insignificant, the journey starts here and, subconsciously, passengers like not having to push a door while they’re piled high with bags, suitcases or luggage.

Automatic doors encourage this flow of people and also increase the energy efficiency of the building by keeping the indoor temperature stable, whether it is in the winter with heating, or in the summer with air conditioning.

One of the products that works best in this airport sector are automatic revolving doors, which are able to meet the highest requirements regarding functionality thanks to their advanced technology and avant-garde design, ensuring they blend right in with the airport architecture.

Why install an automatic revolving door?

  • It saves on energy and HVAC costs
  • It eliminates draughts
  • It prevents temperature fluctuations
  • It is always open and always closed
  • It prevents pollution from dirt and noise
  • It is safe
  • It is very attractive and adapts to the surroundings

The revolving doors designed, produced and installed by Manusa are available in the following finishes: 304 or 316 stainless steel, brass, lacquered or anodised aluminium, wood, mirror finishes and RAL finishes. They also all guarantee perfect thermal and acoustic insulation in the entrance area.

There are several types. On one hand, there are the medium-traffic revolving doors (Tourniket and Crystal Tourniket) and, on the other, the large capacity revolving doors (Duotour and Tournex). Thirdly but no less importantly, are the high-security revolving doors (Circlelock and Tourlock).

Without a doubt, this product is a great solution for airports. But also for other sectors such as retail, offices, hotels or healthcare.