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How to install automatic glass doors?

como instalar puertas automaticas de vidrio manusa hojas

More and more buildings and properties are being equipped with automatic doors and intelligent access controls. Automated entrances and exits ensure a smooth flow of people, improving the overall experience wherever they are installed. It is common to see automatic doors in spaces such as airports, hotels, stores, hospitals, stations of all types of transport, bank branches, offices, pharmacies, residential areas, or restaurants. Over the years, they have become an integral part of cities.

One of the most important parts of any automatic door are its leaves. These can be mobile or fixed and have different types of opening. In addition, the glass can be screen-printed or incorporate LED lighting, which will give them a modern look in keeping with the space in which they are located. What is the best way to install automatic doors with glass leaves?

The most important thing is to have an authorized installation company. At Manusa we are experts in the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of automatic doors. In addition, we offer technical support after the product has been installed. It is not recommended that a private and inexperienced person install or attempt to repair an automatic door, as they could injure themselves and damage the components that make up the product.

There are different types of Manusa automatic door leaves depending on the needs of each project and each customer. Below you can see a list with some types:

  • Transparent leaves: With a single upper profile, or lower and upper profile when natural lighting is required thanks to the transparency of the glass. There is also the option of an anti- panic folding system for installation in emergency exits or escape routes.
  • Framed leaves: There are various thicknesses available for the frames, depending on the desired degree of insulation and waterproofing. Double glazing option for areas with adverse weather conditions. There is an airtight version for observation rooms, as well as anti-panic profiles for emergency exits.
  • Leaves for special functions: Leaves with transparent or anti-panic profiles with anti-panic system, and hermetic, non-hermetic or leaded paneled leaves for sanitary environments.

Types of automatic glass doors

Keep in mind that Manusa's automatic door leaves are manufactured with top quality materials and are adapted to the motor group according to the needs: hermetic, non- hermetic, curved, swinging or fire resistant.

If you need to install an automatic door in your business or building, whether it is a revolving, sliding, telescopic, folding or any other type, contact us now and we will inform you about the product features and measurements, installation times, price, warranty and everything you need to know.