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The security of the Visio+ operator in automatic doors in banks

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One of the most important elements of an automatic door is the motor. Thanks to this, the glass leaves open when a person or object is detected in the area established by the motion or presence sensor. In recent years, motors have improved significantly and this is reflected in the satisfaction of customers who install automatic doors in their properties or buildings.

One of the sectors that has installed intelligent accesses in its premises is the banking sector. They require a high degree of security which the automatic door provides. Manusa designs, manufactures, and installs automatic doors with one of the most advanced motors on the market: the Visio+ operator.

The Visio+ range of operators is a family made up of three different motors: Visio+ 100, Visio+ 125 and Visio+ 125HD. Its features and dimensions adapt to all the needs of any branch or bank office. In addition, it is compatible with the entire range of Manusa and other commercial door and window frames.

Security in a space as sensitive as a bank office is vital. The motors incorporate an automatic lock that locks the leaves even in the event of a power failure. In addition, it reports an error if the doors have not been closed correctly.

Another feature of the Visio+ motorization is that it has a rolling track and carriages that guarantee silent operation, ideal in a workspace. Its perfect adaptation to the requirements of any country around the world, its easy installation, its reduced number of components and its simple connection make this option a great ally for bank branches.

How many times can you open and close an automatic door in a bank?

It also has a refined design and a compact size that allows it to be installed in any bank branch. For customers who come to the branch to deposit or withdraw money, it will increase their security and confidence, as the automatic access sensors in the Visio+ operator prevent any possibility of entrapment if the door closes while there is a person under the threshold.

The Visio+ range of operators has a durability certificate of 1 million cycles in accordance with UNE 16361:2014+A1:2017. It is undoubtedly a valuable product for any banking company wishing to improve the experience of its customers and employees. If you wish to install this type of door motor, please contact our team and we will evaluate the best options to implement them in your office in the banking sector.