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Solutions for hospitals regarding Coronavirus

hospital puertas automaticas sanidad health automatic door

You can never be too careful when helping in the fight against coronavirus. Automatic accesses in hospitals and health centres are of great help in the fast traffic of healthcare staff and patients. Furthermore, contagion by touching is avoided because the doors do not have to be touched.

Airlocks are essential for isolation rooms and can be installed as standard or customised, depending on the needs of each hospital. Manusa has already designed and installed isolation rooms for infected people in several hospitals in Spain.

Thanks to the connection between the different P50 sliding or swing doors leading to the restricted area, compliance with the isolation room access protocol is guaranteed. Airlocks include several additional components such as electro-mechanical locks, entry/exit communication lights, control display, numeric keypad or swing operator.

The first rooms were installed during the ebola crisis in 2014. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis reminds us that extraordinary situations require special solutions to help control them.

Products with antimicrobial treatment

The HPL material used to manufacture our P50 doors reduces microbial activity on their surface. This reduction is certified by the Quality Labs laboratory that specialises in biological tests in line with Standard JIS Z 2801:2012.

Remember that stopping coronavirus starts with each individual. This is why we should not leave the house, and why we should wash our hands with soap and water several times a day, cough and sneeze into our elbow, and clean objects and the home more often.