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Swing panels in hotels, restaurants and cafés

portillos motorizados batientes manusa control de acceso puerta automatica hinged motorized gates manusa automatic door access swing panels

Whenever you enter a building conducting activities in the tertiary sector you want it to be a pleasant setting. The light or the colours are elements of neuromarketing that make people feel as comfortable as possible and want to come back in the future.

The Horeca sector includes hotels, restaurants and cafés. The extensive spread of these places in large cities means that companies must work with the latest technology to ensure the highest number of satisfied customers possible.

Along these lines, attention must also be paid to the entries and exits of the site. Whether they be automatic doors leading from the outside of the building or the premises, or doors that separate the different rooms and interior spaces. In this case, swing doors are fantastic.

This type of access control system is designed to allow people with mobility problems through. They have an attractive design, and are silent, very safe, and an access solution adaptable to any environment.

Their panel is available in various widths and is versatile, as it can be made of glass or have a tubular profile with a Perspex pictogram with informative designs.

Thanks to this Manusa product, which blends functionality with elegance, the combination with other devices in any space or architectural project is guaranteed. For example, with corridors with either swing panels or turnstiles, which provide the installation with access adapted to people with special needs. The motorised movement of the panel with fitted unlock motor allows for evacuation in the event of an emergency.

The swing panels provide an accessible, flexible and comfortable passing space. And thanks to its structural stainless steel finish and the possibility of integrating different validation systems, it is able to mark the difference and provide added value to the space where it is installed.

But not only can they be seen in Horeca sector establishments. This product allows for free-flowing foot traffic and, thanks to Manusa, can be installed in airports, shopping malls, public transport, office buildings or industrial units.