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The privacy of hermetic Clear View glass doors

privacidad puertas hermeticas acristaladas

Hospitals and clinics are places where the privacy of patients is important, especially when they are undergoing operations of any kind or are in circumstances that require peace and privacy. This is where hermetic glazed doors with self-dimming glass or venetian blind come in handy.

The hermetic glass Clear View door, designed by Manusa, allow this privacy as well as a wide vision in different rooms of buildings of the health sector such as intensive care units (ICU), operating rooms, observation rooms, etc. Thanks to the transparency provided by the Clear View doors, healthcare professionals can carry out a control of the patients without the need to access the room.

The hermetic glass doors also have features that ensure high levels of hygiene against viruses and bacteria, controlled pressure and temperature or the desired humidity level. This guarantees the required tightness in these sensitive areas thanks to the perimeter seals and the wedge-shaped fitting profile. In addition, the Manusa team of professionals can customise the doors with the dimensions, extruded aluminium finishes and colours required by each customer.

Automatic doors that guarantee the privacy in a hospital

The self-dimming glass system allows changing the transparency of the leaf or the vision panel when specific privacy needs arise, so that nobody passing through common spaces can observe the inside of a room where a medical treatment is being carried out, a specific care of a person, etc. This privacy can also be obtained thanks to the venetian blind, which is characterised by having a slat blind specially integrated in the vision panel, which can be activated remotely, by means of a movement sensor, contacless system or pushbutton thanks to the diversity of optional accessories offered by Manusa in its catalogue of products.

Do you manage a hospital or a clinic and want to install Clear View hermetic glass doors with self-dimming glass or venetian blind? Contact us now and we will inform you about all its features.